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What is "Castle with a superb view" Yonago Castle?

Yonago Castle was once a magnificent castle with two castle towers, large and small.
The stone wall, which has an overwhelming power, and the characteristic castle, which has the characteristics of a sea castle and a mountain castle, are still symbols of the city of Yoneko, while keeping the remains built during the Warring States period.
Yonago Castle was selected as the strongest castle as "a castle with a superb view that you want to visit once" in the NHK "Japan's Strongest Castle Special 10th" broadcast on the first day of the 4th year of Reiwa.
In addition to the charm of the castle ruins themselves, which have been excavated and preserved in recent years, the magnificent view from the castle tower, which offers a 360-degree view of the Nakaumi, Sea of Japan, and urban areas, including Daisen, was highly evaluated. is.
Among them, "Diamond Daisen", which can be seen in the early morning around February 20th and October 22nd, attracted attention. This is the one and only spectacular view created by the miraculous location of Yonago Castle.
In addition, Yonago Castle offers wonderful views of the four seasons.
Please come to Yonago Castle, a "castle with a magnificent view" full of surprises and emotions.


Mayor of Yonago Takashi Iki